These are exciting and challenging times. Government procurement in New Zealand is operating in a complex environment. We’re being asked to deliver more than just value for money – but also value for people, communities and the planet. Our procurement system needs to reset to achieve these goals.

Join us to hear more about how we’re positioning procurement for the future. You’ll hear from a panel of speakers about how we are shaping the future of government procurement in New Zealand – why it’s important, what it will look like, the opportunity it presents for all government agencies and the procurement profession. 


Dr. Sean Barnes, Director, Social Procurement, Akina

Laurence Pidcock, General Manager, New Zealand Government Procurement

Mark Richards, Divisional Manager, Commercial Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Sarah Blackie, Programme Director, New Zealand Government Procurement

  Who is it for:  All procurement practitioners  - all stages of experience.

   Duration:  45 minutes

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