Procurement Knowledge Hours 2022 brings a series of topical procurement presentations to all government agencies, DHBs and Local Government across New Zealand.

1 March: Reducing Carbon with Green Star

Presenters: Coreen Adamson (MBIE); Brad Crowley (NZ Green Building Council; Peter Taylor (Antarctica New Zealand)

30 March: Broader Outcomes in the construction sector

Presenters: Alison Murray (MBIE); Jazz Singh (Auckland Council); Tom Mansell (Auckland Council); Jamie Kissock (MSD) ; Andy Cowan (MBIE)

27 April: Positioning procurement for the future - Update

Presenters: Laurence Pidcock (NZGP -MBIE) ; Kirsten McLay (MBIE); Jazz Singh (Auckland Council); Sean Barnes (Akina Foundation); Alison Murray (MBIE); Tod Cooper ( Corrections)