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How to login and access the courses

  • You need to log in using RealMe – see the top right corner of the website. Either log in using your existing RealMe account or, if you don’t have a RealMe account yet, set up a new RealMe account (you don't need to get your RealMe validated). If you have previously logged in with a RealMe account, but have forgotten the details, contact the RealMe helpdesk.
  • You will be required to provide your name, work email, organisation and location.
  • You will then receive an email to confirm your email address, click on the link provided and you will be taken back to the website.
  • You can then access the courses.

 How do I access registered user courses?

  • Some courses are restricted to registered users only. 

  • You must be a government employee with a work email address to become a registered user. 

  • To become a registered user, you need to have you work email saved in your profile, have received a confirmation email and clicked the link to verify your email address.

Courses open to the public can accessed without needing to register / login. 

How much do the courses cost?

  • All online courses are free. 

  • Face to face workshops may require a fee to attend. 

  • All government employees are encouraged to discuss their online and workshop learning with their managers before commencing.

How to register and enrol in face to face workshops

  • You need to be a registered user and complete the appropriate online course then click on the registration link in the course page.
  • Fill in the details required for the workshop noting the appropriate date, time, venue and number of spaces left. 
  • If there are spaces, you can enrol by clicking on the Register here button. 
  • You are not permitted to register a group. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email if you have enrolled successfully. 
  • Be prepared to provide your mobile phone number, managers email and dietary requirements to attend workshops.
  • To register for Demystifying Procurement workshops , check with your agency procurement team. The two hour workshops are held internally at agencies and independently of this site.

How can I get help with technical or course content questions?

  • For any technical or course questions please contact us.

Last modified: Monday, 21 March 2022, 2:07 PM